A slave to your own design.




Looking out toward the city is breathtaking. I am still easily awed by masses of people and large buildings. Given my upbringing it shouldn’t be a surprise. 

The Millenium Rod is in my hand. It’s heavy, both with purpose and with the weight of the gold used in its construction, and it calls for attention without a sound.  

It wants me to control someone. To force them into my service. It isn’t even difficult to control most people. Like the boy with piercings all over his face. He’s been standing, waiting for my orders, for hours now. I don’t know his name, nor do I care.

Before I worry about him.. I have someone else to take care of.  

“Odion. Prepare for our arrival. We need to get started if we want any chance of this plan succeeding.”

He nods once before heading down into the ship. He’s respectful and obedient to a fault. I take it for granted. 

This light had faded as control was once more in the balance of the internal chaos that stormed within his mind. As the nothingness returned instantaneous darkness spread through his mind.

Stabbing… Clawing… Ripping…


Whispers of echos as shadows consumed from within as the tied of chaos began to rise and fall between the creaking and murmurers of the nothingness. Locked away for what was a millennia, there would be no more restraint.

You’re body will be mine, once that idiot has been taken care of and you’re the one that’s going to do it for me! Now turn against HIM and obey your true Master!

The Millennium Rod pulsed hearing it’s true masters cried from within the locked away shell that was his own mind. Activating for other purposes of it’s own accord and design. The ghoul that was under his control jolted as his mind was set free from the bonds of the ancient item as it turned against it’s hold and proceed to grasp at his own mind!

“You’re nothing you can’t do this without my power and I’m done sharing what isn’t yours! Using the same item I destroyed your father with, I’ll consume your mind and take what’s always been mine!”

The echoing scream of malicious laughter pounded within him as it poured out like an overflowing chalice of hate.


Fight back: be slave to the darkness. Surrender: be lost within the darkness.

What is this?! This power surging from the Rod.. It isn’t by my will. No..!

Closing my eyes doesn’t help. No, nothing is helping. What is this anger.. this rage in my heart. It isn’t mine. It can’t be. Everything feels tainted suddenly and even as I open my eyes my vision is swimming.

Water below and city ahead. Almost time. I can’t let this defeat me. This horrible laughter echoing in my head. I have plans. Everything is at stake here.

“No.” I keep feling like someone else is inside of me. Is it because of the Rod? Is that why..? Does using the Rod make you lose your mind? “I won’t let this control me.” Glaring at the item I feel my hand shaking, I’m gripping it so tightly, and I wonder if there is any way to complete this task without using it so much.

As jolt of fear and pain ran through his soul as the Millennium Rod burned his hand forcing him to drop it or suffer. A colossal chuckle cracked within the maze of darkness that was his own mind as the nothingness voiced it’s hatred to deaf ears.

"You’ve never been you, it was always me! I did everything you could never do, and I will consume you!"

The void of darkness swirled with in the absence of light as it grabbed onto the warped mind.

Spreading it’s

Attempting to consume this presences of tranquility. Peace was for the weak, weak plans to use the ghouls were useless as well. I desire chaos! Use the Pharaoh’s friends against him!

The malefic laughter continued spreading the disease that plagued this mind.